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Weight Loss Tea
Weight Loss Tea

Whats the Secret

Green Tea may of been discovered over 4000 years ago, but recently its popularity has been sweeping the world because of its weight loss properties. Drinking delicious tea while it burns fat sounds almost too good to be true, but that is far from the case. Green tea alone can:

+ Increases 24-hour energy expenditure
+ Increases the body's key fat-burning hormone, norepinephrine
+ Prolongs thermogenesis
+ Provides powerful antioxidants
+ Supports a healthy immune system

Weight Loss Tea
Weight Loss Tea

The Science behind Slim Tea

These biological changes lead to that ever elusive but always important goal: losing weight or more specifically burning fat.

The secret with tea is that it contains polyphenols which are more commonly known as flavanols or catechins. Its these compounds which are not unique to tea but are highly concentrated in it that are responsible for the fat burning. Two recent studies prove this point rather well.

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Weight Loss Tea
Weight Loss Tea

To the next level

Although tea is amazing in its own right, we here at Slimming Tea Australia believed we could make it even better. We carefully blended 6 well know superfoods with our green tea to create our patented seven superfood blend.

These additional foods no only give our tea that unique taste but a packed full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidents.

They can help relieve stress, reduce cholesterol, improve digestion and have their own unique fat fighting properties.

Weight Loss Tea
Weight Loss Tea

Is only the first step

Whilst drinking tea alone can create dramatic improvements we don’t think weight loss stops there.

We will be adding new products to assist in the weight loss as well as a simple fitness program to really supercharge the changes. In addition we have a healthy eating challenge for everyone to participate in; it is full of nutritional advice and fun challenges to keep you motivated throughout your journey.

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Brendan D.

“Hi, just wanted to let you know my results. I've been on the tea for 8 days now and I have lost 5kg! Started at 96.5kg and now I'm down to 91.5kg.

I've been going gym as normal and the only other change i made was keeping off take away for a week. Love it."

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Unesh K.

"Thank you for providing Slimming Tea. It just tastes good and i can see the differences in a few days taking the tea.

Even though its just been a couple of days I can see that I am losing inches around my tummy..

I am going to keep taking this tea till I reach my goal...THANK YOU!"

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Donna B.

"WOW! This is such a great product which has worked really well for me yielding great and unbelievable results. A friend recommended your slimming tea after I tried expensive diet pills featured on TV, none of these diet pills worked not even a kilo down. After trying your product, I thought I was dreaming when I weighed myself after 3 days of using it, I've lost 1 kg and have continued to lose weight. For 12 days now, I've lost 4.5kg with no dieting at all and less physical activity due to my type of work. I have just placed an order for myself and ordered for a friend. Thanks once again."

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George B.

"Just thought I'd send you a quick email to say thanks for providing a good product. In the last few years the amount of fitness I have been doing has dropped right down which has caused me cholesterol and weight problems. I saw your tea advertised online and have been drinking it for the last month, it is definitely helping me feel healthy. I have not had another cholesterol test yet but I can tell its lower by the way I am feeling. Will definitely be using your tea in the future - keep up the good work!"

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