(4 reviews)

Fitness Tracker Wristband Pedometer

(4 reviews)

Fitness Tracker Wristband Pedometer- the aid towards achieving your weight desires

Is this for you?

  • Do you need to monitor your health progress weight loss program?
  • Do you need to watch the level of exercise and weight loss you are up to on a daily basis?
  • Do you need to achieve greater results in weight loss?

If you answered yes, Fitness Tracker Wristband Pedometer is the product that awaits your purchase to help you achieve the above mentioned

This can help you:

  • Step counting (pedometer)
  • Distance measuring
  • Calorie consumption management
  • Sleep management
  • Event trigger (water drinking, taking medicine, meeting, etc.)
  • Call reminder
  • Message reminder
  • Clock / Watch
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Remote camera
  • Vibration alarm clock


  • Given below are responses to Frequently asked questions, if you have any other questions, please contact us
  • You will achieve results of what you have been doing?
  • Will you monitor your health despite your little concerns?
  • You will notice efficiency despite being irresponsible and disciplined on what you are doing





This is a very good fitness tracker. I love how it tracks your sleep, heart rate, and even blood pressure which is very handy because I have high blood pressure and it is very accurate also. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good fitness tracker. – Kathy Reyes

This fitness tracker is so sleek I love the face of it. It's different than other ones I have bought. I love all the things this fitness tracker can do. You can see messages come across it, calls counts steps, burned calories, distance and so much more. The thing I love most is how sleek it looks, and I think it's very nice for both men and women. –Trish Reed

Yes, 2018 the year to the healthy!! Got this one for my nephew for Christmas. He actually picked it out – so it wasn’t a surprise. He is putting it to good use. My nephew said it was easy to set up and easy to use. He likes that he can use it either his android phone or his iPod. My nephew things the heart rate monitor is pretty cool. He likes to see how fast his heartbeat gets when he exercises. I love that it has a 24-month warranty at no additional cost and lifetime technical support!! Here’s to a healthier you!! –C. Hernandez

How to use

Step 1. Tie your Fitness Tracker Wristband Pedometer on your wrist and ensure that is well reading before you begin your observations.
Step 2. Use your manual to real and make the information relevant to you in case you are new to using it


The Smartband is made from TPU polymer composite materials, containing features like light, high resistant and high damage resistance. It is as light as a feather and built for comfort with advanced coloring, it is fade proof and waterproof (up to 1m).

Our Guarantee

100% GUARANTEED MONEY BACK: In case our product doesn’t meet the description given, we guaranteed a full refund or supplement product to meet your demands as you anticipated it to do. The satisfactory level you will achieve will be over expectation for your cash. We assure your money back in case our product doesn’t suit you.

FULL REFUND FOR POOR DELIVERY: if the product delivered is not what you ordered; we assure you a full refund of the claim. We assure you the quality you deserve, and if that is not what we deliver, then we guarantee full refund.


Why buy our product over other similar products?

Read below to see what makes Fitness Tracker Wristband Pedometer the right choice for you.

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE AND ADVANCED SMART FEATURES: Our products take your experience of this product to another level, unlike other products. It has a more improved technology making it more effective than any other product.
  • EASY TO USE: you need to download the Beat App, and then you are good to go with the use of the product. Connect the device to Bluetooth with your mobile device, and then you can begin your monitoring exercise.
  • ECONOMICAL: Our product comes at an affordable cost, unlike other similar product that doesn’t justify their cost due to poor performance.



Why Buy From Us?

  • QUICK DELIVERY: After purchase, we ensure that our product is delivered as soon as possible in less than two or three days. For customers within our localities, it is delivered in hours.
  • LOW PRICE: We purchase large quantities, direct from the manufacturers so that we offer our customers the best possible price
  • HIGH QUALITY: We research and audit all manufacturers before purchasing any product. We ensure they have the appropriate quality certifications so that we can be confident that our customers are receiving only the highest quality goods. Our priority and focus is quality over price. We don’t aim to give you the cheapest products, but we aim to give you the best products.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If for whatever reason you are unhappy with your purchase we will refund your money.

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Fitness Tracker Wristband Pedometer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Pretty easy to use

Posted by Sodeth on 16th Jan 2018

I really love having a watch that counts my steps. Few things that could
be better are; 1) it should tell what application it is using

Great tracker. Buy one!

Posted by Rese on 16th Jan 2018

I like this fitness tracker. The sleep monitor seems to be a little off. Also, it doesn't have a heart rate monitor. Other than that, I have no complaints. Buy one!

I highly recommend and for the price it is a great bargain.

Posted by Florida Advisors on 16th Jan 2018

I bought my daughter and I one. We have the Fitbit. Not happy with the Fitbit but I love this one. The app is easy to use. I had it set up within seconds.. I love the display one it and it is accurate compared to the fit bit. I like that is has a display and easy to read. I am buying two more for my sone and daughter in law. I highly recommend and for the price it is a great bargain.

Very good fitness band

Posted by Working dad on 16th Jan 2018

Very good fitness band. Iphone app is easy to use and works nicely. Holds charge for two weeks. Will buy more of different color.