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    Superfood Slimming Weight Loss Tea

    Our Slimming Weight Loss Tea is specifically formulated to assist you in meeting your weight loss or healthy eating goals! Our tea is jam-packed with nutritious ingredients to help detoxify, nourish and speed up your metabolism.

    Our unique weight loss tea blend is 100% natural, made from 7 Superfood ingredients and is guaranteed to: 

    •  Contain No Preservatives
    •  Contain No Artificial Flavours or Colours
    •  Leave You Feeling Fantastic!

    Slimming Tea Australia Healthy Eating Challenge

    To SUPERCHARGE your results combine the use of our Slimming Weight Loss Tea with our our Healthy Eating Challenge.

    Specifically designed with careful analysis and consultation by dietitians and nutritionists our Healthy Eating Challenge sets you a simple but powerful change to make once per day.   

    Examples of the Challenges:

    •  Eat a red fruit or vegetable
    •  Have a sugar free day

    The Healthy Eating Challenge is included with Each Slimming Weight Loss Tea order, so what are you waiting for?! Order Today!


    Slimming Tea Reviews

    I just had to write in and say I've tried other weight loss teas but nothing was as good as this. It honestly tastes fantastic and I feel great. I will definitely recommend to my friends. 

    -Emma V. 21/01/16

    I tried your tea as a new years resolution and it is working! i drink 1 cup a day in the afternoon and it settles my stomach really well. I'm following the eating plan and so far i've lost 2kg's. Love the tea!  

    -Sarah H. 15/01/16

    Your tea is AWESOME! Mum and i got on it for our new years resolution and it's fantastic, i'm down 3KG and i have not changed anything except drinking your tea. I did not think it would work this fast and i'm very impressed.

    -Amanda C. 09/01/16